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Lindau, 1588–Lindau, 2 October 1653
German painter

Jakob Ernst Thomann von Hagelstein was born in Lindau. He may have trained in Kempten and Constance; he met Adam Elsheimer (1578–1610) in Rome in 1605, is documented in Naples in 1613, and was back in Lindau in 1614. He served the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand III (1608–57) in different capacities and was elected to the council of the City of Lindau in 1649, after which he was too busy to continue painting.

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Attributed to Jacob Thomann von Hagelstein
DPG22 – Susannah and the Elders

1620s; copper, 23.3 (or 23.5?) x 29.9 cm

?‘Consigned from abroad’, Christie’s, 23 March 1781 (Lugt 3241), lot 55, Elsheimer, Susannah and the elders;1 Bourgeois Bequest 1811; Britton 1813, p. 31, no. 329 (‘Unhung / no. 60, Susannah & Elders, landscape & buildgs P[anel] Elshiemer’; 1'4" x 1'6").

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London/Leeds 1947–53, n.p., no. 15 ; London 1999b (no cat. no.; c. 1620s).

The painting is in very good condition. There is some degradation in the blue pigment and the foliage has discoloured a little. There is minimal restoration and the varnish is only very slightly discoloured. Previous recorded treatment: 1866, revived and varnished.

1) Jakob Ernst Thomann von Hagelstein, Judith with the Head of Holofernes, signed and dated J.E.T. (as monogram) 1605, copper, 41.2 x 36.9 cm. Zeppelin-Museum, Friedrichshafen, ZM1963/5/M [1].5
2) Johann König, Susannah and the Elders, copper, 52 x 76.6 cm. Kunsthalle, Hamburg, 687.6
3) Johann König, The Toilet of Bathsheba, signed Johannes[?] König fecit, copper, 23 x 33 cm. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, WA1945.100 [2].7
4) Crispijn de Passe I, Susannah and the Elders, engraving, 110 x 145 mm. RPK, RM, Amsterdam, RP-P-OB-2171 [3].8

This picture was long thought to be by Elsheimer, an umbrella name under which many pictures were sheltered. Kugler in 1846 was already doubtful: he called it ‘ascribed to Elsheimer’. It remained an Elsheimer, even an early one, until Bauch suggested Johann König (1586–1642), who might have met Elsheimer in Rome in 1610; in a Susannah and the Elders by König the elders are dressed in a somewhat similar way (Related works, no. 2). Soon after that, Thomann von Hagelstein was put forward as the author. This was prompted by a picture that is signed J.E.T and dated 1605 (Related works, no. 1) [1], which is stylistically very close to DPG22. The œuvre of Thomann von Hagelstein is difficult to establish, but it seems to differ from that of other followers of Elsheimer. Murray returned to the König attribution, comparing DPG22 unconvincingly with a Bathsheba in the Ashmolean Museum (Related works, no. 3) [2].

Weizsäcker in 1936 noted a print by Crispijn de Passe I (1564–1637) in which the group of figures on the left and the general outline of the garden show some similarities to the composition here (Related works, no. 4) [3].

attributed to Jakob Ernst Thomann von Hagelstein
Susannah and the Elders (Daniel 13:1-63), 1620-1630
copper, oil paint 23,5 x 29,9 cm
Dulwich (London), Dulwich Picture Gallery, inv./cat.nr. DPG22

Jakob Ernst Thomann von Hagelstein
Judith with the Head of Holofernes, dated 1605
copper, oil paint 41,2 x 36,9 cm
Friedrichshafen, Zeppelin-Museum, inv./cat.nr. ZM1963/5/M

Johann König
Toilet of Bathsheba, 1610-1616
copper, oil paint 23 x 33 cm
Oxford (England), Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, inv./cat.nr. WA1945.100

Crispijn de Passe (I)
Susannah and the Elders (Daniel 13:1-63)
paper, engraving 110 x 145 mm
Amsterdam, Rijksprentenkabinet, inv./cat.nr. RP-P-OB-2171


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4 ‘An early work of the master, who aimed at giving the scene of the Holy Scripture a romantic appearance.’

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